About The Artist

Beth Gray


Making things beautiful and creating beautiful things is what Beth Gray does best.  Whether it’s painting, sewing, fiber art, photography, or gardening, Beth has a true talent at being imaginative and artistic at many endeavors.

Beth has lived in Washington state for many years and is the product of a military father who was stationed all over the US.  As a result, until Jr. high, she moved with her family from Alaska, to Florida, back to Alaska, to Michigan, to Washington, to Florida, and back to Washington.  Living in the great Northwest has instilled in Beth a love for the outdoors, natural wonders, and all that nature has to offer- breathtaking panoramas, native trees and foliage, and so much wildlife.  Her art reflects that love.

Beth will tell you that she grew up drawing for fun and did not pursue art as a formal career.  Her family would go on camping trips and her main activity would be to find wildflowers and create a colored pencil drawing.  She still  has those drawings.  She has dabbled with oil painting and eventually pursued watercolor painting.  Her paintings are full of life and “movement” which she attributes to her years spent drawing with graphite and charcoal.  “I tend to use my brush as if it were a pencil,” she says.

In addition to painting, Beth is also a fiber artist.   She buys local sheep’s wool, cleans and cards it, and creates awesome art using both wet and dry techniques.  The finished pictures are amazing.  Her husband creates cedar frames for these original pieces so the finished work has a rustic feel.

Well, there is more to Beth Gray.  Sewing has always been part of her life. Taught by her mother to sew at an early age, Beth never stopped.  After a custom business, retail store, and now an Etsy presence, she still is sewing and designing.  Her main focus is to up-cycle fabrics, create original designs, and let her artistic eye make every item unique.

Beth retired from her regular career a few years ago.  She was a consultant and project manager for hospitals going live with electronic medial records.  Prior to that, she was a certified teacher and taught primary grades including being a Fine Arts specialist for a local school district.  Now she is busy with her painting, fiber art, photography, gardening and traveling.  Life is good.

Beth Gray – Owner “Beth Gray Artistry”